John Joseph Caldwell Abbott

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John Joseph Caldwell Abbott

(1821-1893) avocat, homme d’affaires, professeur, député, ministre, sénateur, premier ministre

De l'auteur

  • 1890 - Functions of the Senate. Responsibilities and Duties of the Upper Chamber [...], [Montréal? : s.n.], 10 p. (en ligne)
  • 1889 - Speech of the Hon. J.J.C. Abbott, Leader of the Senate, Closing the Debate on Trade Relations, March 15th, 1889, [Ottawa? : s.n.], 42 p. (en ligne)
  • 1888 - Discours d'inauguration de Son Honneur l'Hon. J.J.C. Abbott, maire de Montréal, le 12 mars 1888, s.l. : s.n., 14 p.
  • 1874? - In the Privy Council. On Appeal from the Court of Queen's Bench for Lower Canada in the Province of Quebec (Appeal side). Between the Honorable John J.C. Abbott and al esqual [...], [London : s.n.], 184 p.
  • 1873 - The Fraser Institute Case. Court of Queen's Bench for Lower Canada. John Fraser & al., Appellants and the Hon. J.J.C. Abbott & al., Respondents. Judgement Rendered June 24th, 1873, [Montreal? : s.n.], 15 p. (en ligne)
  • 1864 - The Insolvent Act of 1864, With Notes, Together with the Rules of Practice and the Tariff of Fees for Lower Canada, Quebec : Printed by George Desbarats and Malcolm Cameron, 118 p. (en ligne)
  • 1860 - The Argenteuil Case. Being a Report of the Controverted Election for the County of Argenteuil [...], Montréal : [s.n.], 273 p. (en ligne)

Sur l'auteur

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