Lettre d'Alex Salmond au Parti Québécois

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Lettre d'Alex Salmond au Parti Québécois
7 avril 2000

Transcrit par Benoît Rheault

Edinburgh, April 7, 2000

Mr. Fabien Béchard
First vice-president
Parti Québécois

Dear Sir,

I thank you quite sincerely for your invitation to the 14th congress of the Parti Québécois in the next month of May and I am quite honoured.

It is sadly impossible for me to be there at your side in May. As you know, the Scottish Parliament is living its first months of existence, which means that our total implication for the good of the population of Scotland is required. The Scottish National Party, as the main opposition party, strengthens day after day its influence in Scottish matters and prepares the day when the population will bring it to the head of its government for independence.

Be certain that if there is an occasion one day in the future, I will be happy to visit the representatives of our "brother party" in Quebec and share our views on our two nations.

However, know that myself and my team are fully at your disposal if you need information on the Scottish Parliament as well as the policies promoted by Scottish National Party.

Long live Scotland, Long live Quebec!


Alex Salmond, MSP