Résolutions de l'assemblée de Granby

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Moved by Horace Lyman, esq. J. P., seconded by Ensign Harlow Minor.

RESOLVED 1: That this meeting views with regret the disorganized state of the seignorial part of this district, where a cowardly faction, under pretence of reform, are committing excesses of the most wanton and unprovoked nature, endeavouring by threats the most violent, to seduce the loyal, and hitherto peaceable inhabitants from their allegiance to Her Majesty.

Moved by S. L. Hungerford, esq., seconded by Washington Frost, esq.

RESOLVED 2: That at this critical moment it becomes the duty of every loyal and well-affected subject to stand forth, and express his horror and disgust at the lawless proceedings of the faction aforesaid, and to declare his determination to defend the laws which have hitherto effectually protected our lives and property.

Moved by Elijah Hall, esq. Captain of Militia, seconded by Ensign Stephen B. Door.

RESOLVED 3: That a humble petition be presented to His Excellency Sir John Colborne, Commander of the forces, for a supply of arms and ammunition for this Township, which we mutually pledge ourselves shall be employed in the defence of the Constitution and Government under which we have the happiness to live.

Moved by Samuel Wetherbee, esq. J. P., seconded by Lieut. Joseph E. May.

RESOLVED 4: That this meeting sympathizes with our loyal fellow-subjects scattered throughout the seigniorial parts of this district, many of whom hav been obliged by the threats and provocations of the faction to throw themselves on our protection, and are present at this meeting.

Moved by Henry D. Hungerford, esq., commissioner, seconded by Abel T. Bings, esq.

RESOLVED 5: That the following Gentlemen, viz: Richard Frost, Elijah Hall F. C. Gilmor, H. Lyman and S. B. Door, be a Committee to address His Excellency Sir John Colborne, Commander of the forces, with a copy of these resolutions, and to cause the result of this meeting to be published in such a manner as they may judge proper.

Richard Frost, Chairman F. C. Gilmor, Secretary

The Morning Courier, 4 décembre 1837