Résolutions de l'assemblée d'Abbotsford

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Moved by Thomas Wood, Esquire, and seconded by captain McDonald, J.P.

RESOLVED, 1 : That as isolated individual exertion in this neighbourhood, we would be utterly inadequate to cope with the evil energies arrayed against public order and public peace, and as those evils cannot be effectually prevented without the active, zealous, and persevering cooperation of every good subject, which to be effectual, must be the result of a regular and systematic union of individuals; this meeting considers it expedient that the loyal and well disposed part of this community, of both origins, do form themselves into an association for the purpose of organization and general concert, in case of emergency of necessity, and that a committee of five be appointed from the residents of this vicinity, to whom the organization shall be entrusted, and to concert such measures as they may deem advisable upon this occasion.

Moved by Captain McDonald, J.P., and seconded by David Buzel, Esquire, J.P.

RESOLVED, 2 : That this meeting is fully persuaded there exists no cause for apprehension of a successful rebellion against the British Government, by our fellow subjects of French origin, though in the neighbouring parishes, the utmost activity and perseverance are employed to create alarm, disorder, and sedition amongst them, and as to guard against these is the bounden duty of every good subject, this meeting call upon their neighbours in this section of the Province, to form themselves into local associations, as the means of inspiring confidence, and to organize themselves most effectually to the maintaining of good order, the protection of life and property, and the connexion existing between this Province and the British Empire.

Moved by John Plummer, Esquire, and seconded by Charles Bradford, Captain of Militia.

RESOLVED, 3 : That relying on the justice of the Mother Country, and the loyal cooperation of the Townships, as a rear guard, we will successfully defend our rights, our lives, and our properties, from all unlawful and vicious combinations.

Moved by David Buzel, Esquire, J.P. and seconded by Thomas Wood, Esquire.

RESOLVED, 4 : That this meeting thinks the present a fit opportunity of declaring its opposition to the application of the Elective principle to the Legislative Council of this Province, and reiterating the claims of the inhabitants of Lower Canada of British origin to the abolition of the Feudal Tenure, and a system of registration for property, the want of which has so retarded the settlement and improvement of this place and the whole of the Province.

John Dwyer, Chairman

Montreal Gazette, 21 novembre 1837